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Monday, August 22, 2005

The big sneeze

So this is my operational blog. This where you'll find out what really happens when I'm not fielding calls. And no, I dont want to talk about THAT.

On a simpler note, I strongly urge you all to stop wasting time sleeping. It never did people any good and 2 hours or so should be more than enough. That way you'll have all that much more time to do completely pointless things, like playing uneducational games online, whatch reruns of Mythbusters or write multiple blogs that will be read by all of one person. Cause at least, you aint hurting anybody else, unlike a good patriot. So go ahead, be a bad patriot and refuse to obey some retard in a bad suit.

I do realise that this is rambling. I will also point out that I had about 2 hours of sleep and that I will be fielding calls in about, oh, 45 minutes or so.

Maybe hurting people might not be such a bad idea after all...

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