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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Burning Mondays playlist for Jan 11 2010

bauhaus - man with x-ray eyes (live)
christian death - venus in furs
birthday party - jennifer's veil
der blutharsch - untitled
death in june - flieger
jarboe - jump into the fire
einsturzende neubauten - vorm krieg
sophia - march of strenght
ordo rosarius equilibrio - to tirzah
sol invictus - raven chorus
hagalaz runedance - seeker divine
faith and the muse - the silover circle
the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud - untitled
*bauhaus - bela lugosi's dead
alien sex fiend - r.i.p.
the cramps - tear it up
berurier noir - vive le feu
death cult - gods zoo (these times)
the cure - love song
nick cave and the bad seeds - stagger lee
tom waits - black wings
mick harvey - louise
michael gira - blind
*arcana - cantor de procella
clock dva - the sonology of sex

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Burning Mondays nov 30- 2009 - the final opener.

swans - empathy
novy svet - traicon
death in june - the torture garden
ordo rosarius equilibrio - do murder and lust make me a man?
der blutharsh - untitled
mick harvey - louise
nick cave and the bad seed - red right hand

Short set, smudged in between the comedy show and the guest spot. And my last opener, unless someone gets sick or something. Oh well, back to guest spotting once in a while!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Burning Mondays playlist November 17 2009

current 93 - hitler as kalkhi
nacht - svartsinn
death in june - break the black ice
der blutharsch - untitled
division s - dancing with the silence
pimentola - wish upon a fallen star
sol invictus - old london weeps
strenght through joy - dominion behind the sun
runes order - the last farewell
swans - love will save you
pj harvey - to bring you my love
sonic youth - halloween
portishead - seven months
fad gadget - life on the line
depeche mode - i feel you
clan of ximox - a day
the cure - primary
bauhaus - rosegarden funeral of sores (live)
southern death cult - fatman
bauhaus - dark entries
nick cave and the bad seed - papa wont leave you henry

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

playlist for Burning Mondays 09 Nov. 09

death in june - smashed to bits in the peace of the night
joy division - decade
the moon lay hidden beneath the clouds - untitled
arcana - under the sun
ordo rosarius equilibrio - hear the sound of the black flame rising
sangre cavallum - sete punhaladas
sturmast - kraft
boyd rice and friends - watery leviathan
sol invictus - an english garden
rome - die nelke
spiritual front - slave
tom waits - startving in the body of a whale
tiger lilies - darkness
der blutharsch - untitled
swans - love of life
siouxie and the banshees - kiss them for me
sisters of mercy - heartland
faith and the muse - scars flown proud
nick cave and the bad seeds - jack the ripper
christian death - venus in furs
anne clark - sleeper in metropolis
november novelet - glass
portishead - threads
sanctum - nar?
pimentola - psychopompos
skinny puppy - rodent
gravemist - spider venom
gravemist - the devil's lair
legendary pink dots - rainbows too

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playlist for Burning Mondays Nov 2nd 2009

The night was a little different, as the 4 hours was shared a little differently, alternating with the night's guest spot, Sophie-Anne. The gaps in my playlist are the times she spun her stuff.

death in june - the wall of sacrifice
der blutharsh - untitled 2 (wdwe)
der blutharsh - untitled 3 (wdwe)
the cure - the funeral party
nico - the end
coil - where are you
diamanda galas - gloomy sunday

james ray and the performance - edir sedgwick
tear garden - circle in the sand
tones on tails - performance
swans - amnesia
joy division - isolation
alien sex fiend - in god we trust
einsturzende neubauten - haus des luge
bauhaus - man with x-ray eyes

nick cave and the bad seed - stagger lee
christian death - venus in furs
*the cure - cold
tiger lilies - maria
coil - the tatooed man
*the cranes - starblood
dead can dance - frontier
gravemist - wait all night
michael gira - michael's right hand
legendary pink dots - hellsville
tom waits - going out west
siouxie and the banshees - the passenger
pop will eat itself - wise up! sucker
neon judgement - chinese black
virgin prunes - baby turns blue
click click - headfuck
*switchblade symphony - bad trash
portishead - we carry on
rasputina - saline the saltine queen
november novelet - magic
mushroom patience - martial pop
tom waits - kommenenezuspadt
tiger lilies - start a fire
gogol bordello - think locally fuck globally
muslimgauze - united states of islam part 2
vast - touched
rome - kriegsgother
division s - red wine
derniere volonte - au travers des lauriers

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

playlist for Burning Mondays 10-26-09

death in june - what happens when the symbols shatter?
sol invictus - sheath and knife
mick harvey - louise
michael gira - blind
tom waits - black wings
ordo rosarius equilibrio - let the words of my murder
legendary pink dots - rainbows too
the cure - fascination street
bauhaus - man witrh x-ray eyes (live)
coil - paranoid inlay*
death in june - the november men
portishead - over
sonic youth - hoarfrost
theater of hate - original sin
southern death cult - fat man
x-mal deutchland - qual*
creaming jesus - a forest
dethklock - the lost vikking
dive - dead or alive (live)
einsturzende neubauten - headcleaner
pj harvey - yuri g
killing joke - unspeakable
joy division - isolation
jarboe - the believers
swans - celebrity lifestyle
nick cave and the bad seeds - jack the ripper
iggy pop - the passenger
the cramps - the mad daddy
berurier noir - vive le feu
depeche mode - i feel you
corpus delicti - broken
faith and the muse - the silver circle
sisters of mercy - body electric
rasputina - saline the saltine queen
sol invictus - the devil's steed
vast - touched
ait! - lo ballo de solo
christian death - the cervix couch (remix)
fad gadget - ladyshave
gitane demone - incendiary lover
numb - revenant
diamanda galas - 25 minutes to go
tiger lilies - beat me
tear garden - phoenix
angels of light - mt true body
der blutharsh - untitled