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Monday, October 10, 2005

La Dolce Vita

I've been in a queer mood laterly, and quite honestly I'm a little dizzy right now. At any rate, I have the feeling that I should be living a more decadent lifestyle. At least on the surface.

My job isnt fulfilling any of my interests or ambitions and I'm a tad lacking in energy. I fuel mostly on tea these days it seems and its strating to show on my health I think. It makes me wish I was living la dolce vita, where if nothing else, I'd be meeting fabulous people. Oh well.

At the very least, my creativity is starting to seep back to the surface, very slowly. I have been getting ideas aplenty, as I have most of my life, but its the devellopment to a conclusion thats sorely lacking. carrying a plan to fruitition is the hard part. You may know how the story beguins, how it ends and what it's about, but whats truly important is the flesh in the between. I may be good at seasoning, but I'd make a lousy cattleman.

I was supposed to be spending my extra dough on responsible things, like bills and such, but instead, I think I'll be spending it on a good wardrobe. As I should. I may not feel good, but I'll sure as hell look good damnit!

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