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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hello? Can I have my reality back now?

I've been off work for a month now, due to burnout/depression and all that. I have barely been able to get up in the morning, cant even watch a movie without pausing it a few times, cant read a book, you name it. It sucks.

Fortunately, things have been looking up on other fronts:
- Having been very disappointed at Ikea, we lucked out this week, when in the span of a couple of day we found two bookcases, and then we got two more pieces at Value Village for less than 30$... so four pieces of furniture for very little money.
- A used bookstore right on the corner closed a few months back and they just threw out the shelves... which takes care of at least three of my long-neglected projects.
- I've experimented with a simple way to roast chicken, and man, is it ever yummy!
- Also, I can sleep a little better now, which is a good thing.

Still, I want my life back.

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