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Friday, August 31, 2007

Turning hate into love

This weekend is the hateful biannual weekend, its when the locals do a sidewalk sale. Now, I love shopping as much as anyone should, but when I go shopping, I like to go over there to do it, not it come to me.

Its the disadvantage of living on a main street (which is also a commercial one), okay thats not exactly true, its one of them (heavy traffic is the major other issue); there's sales. The biannual (late spring and late summer) sale means that they close the street and merchants put out all the crap they couldn't sell the rest of the time and chop the price down (somewhat); now, I'm tempted to quote Denis Miller here (from his heydays, when he was funny, rather than sad and pathetic): "Two for one of shit is still shit; if they really want to fuck you over, they'll give you three of them."

With the merchants, you'll find the really annoying people who should be locked up (the people who run the game-of-chance wagons), the morons who provide entertainment for the kids, and the top of the top of the annoying bastards, the creme de la creme of talentless idiots, the musicians. Now, I'm a musician and vocalist, not a good one, but goddamnit, I've got some pride. The shmucks who "perform" (like tricked up monkeys of prozacs) are awful, they (for the most part) cant sing a tune to save their lives, play nothing but covers, and the cherry to top it all, when they start playing those songs you really hate, they don't finish them. They play some fucking overplayed 70's rock tune (today, we were graced with Pink Floyd's The Wall) for about a minute, hit the first chorus, then stop to chatter. Sigh.

Oh, and did I mention that the geniuses who organize this shit have the brilliant idea of setting up a stage right under our living room windows? Yeah, fun.

So, after we get bombarded with atrocities for a few hours, we need out. We're a little limited in our transportation, so we decide to walk the sale. What the heck. Well, it turns out that Thursday was a good day for that. It helps that I don't have a big problem getting movies on vhs, but I got 21 movies for 60$. And not just weird, unknown straight-to-dvd, bottom of the shelf stuff: Night of the Hunter, Dementia 13, Nightwatch, The Last House of the Left, Martin, Hard Boiled and my personal favourite, a treasure I have been waiting ten years for... Tod Browning's Freaks. Those are just some of the little beauties I got. Sure, a couple of them are crap (like the Magnificient Seven REMAKE...) but the overall balance favours the good stuff.

The other score of the night was the couple of nice jackets I got my hands on: a green velvet blazer (I feel like some sort of bald leprechaun when I wear it) and an SQ dress jacket. It'll look spiffy with some jackboots and those neat pants I made the other day. Now all I need is the right hat...

So even though its been an evil time so far, I have managed to get some good out of it.

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