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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

playlist for Katacombes nov 17 08

dethklok - duncan hill coffee jingle
ait! - un spectacollo adulto
ait! - io ballo da solo
portishead - nylon smile
nico - roses in the snow
arcana - reminescence
dead can dance - mephisto
faith and the muse - through the pale door
*sisters of mercy - alice
joy division - love will tear us apart
michael gira - blind
tom waits - black wings
chameleons uk - dont fall
neon judgement - miss brown
fad gadget - ladyshave
anne clark - our darkness (12" mix)
kirlian camera - eclipse
pwei - everything's cool
skinny puppy - hardset head
spahn ranch - vortex (blackened mix)
insurgent - incommunicado
pimentola - psychopompos
*new order - blue monday
clan of ximox - stranger
*joy division - she lost control
howden/wakeford - leaves of life
magnet - willow's song
sol invictus - the killing tide
death in june - what ends when symbols shatter
OER - who stole the sun...
gravemist - wait all night
nich cave and the bad seeds - jack the ripper
tom waits - i dont want to grow up
gogol bordello - stars wear purple
spiritual front - slave
tiger lillies - beat me

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