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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Year in review

As the new fiscal year begins, I think its a good thing to review what has happened in the previous one, to take stock of the past, as I move resolutely toward the future.

2008 started with my quitting my old job and looking at my options, even if it meant that I spent half the year with limited revenue. I learned that holding to a situation because of supposed benefits is in no way beneficial is you end up being fucked over in the end. I spent pretty much all of winter with zero income and then, and practically after haggling for it, did unemployment benefits kick in. Working through agencies, I took the time to look for a new direction and found that being a butcher might be a good choice; in the food-related market, they pretty much make top money (which is true of pretty much every specialist field versus generalist), so that was not a bad deal. From there I registered to trade school and took up a summer job in a butcher/deli shop as a fromager; fortunately for me, I saw first hand just how ridiculous learning a trade without practical sessions. So I ditched the school and stayed on as full-time fromager. I make nearly as much as when I worked the call center, and I don't have to deal with idiots all the fuck time. I also got a lot more respect and say as to how things work, so its all good.

Mentally, I'm doing a hell of a lot better, since I don't have to deal with the aforementioned idiots. Not that I don't feel any stress, I do, but its manageable stress. I've also cut out much of the bullshit I dealt with and just moved on. I'd say that the impact of the medication was less than stellar and I should have probably ditched them earlier than I did. But live and learn. I have recovered some of my mind and can work on recovering the rest. Much techniques and new fields of explorations have been uncovered, or in some case, rediscovered, a very good thing indeed. I can now read pretty much normally again, which a very, very good thing.

Relationships have been good to me this year, as my ongoing domestic situation is still good and beating all previous records. I also benefit from the return home of my bestest friend in the world and her being pretty much the happiest I have seen her since I've known her, partly due to the location, and very much due to her new beau. Congrats!

Money is always an issue, but not so much a bad one anymore. While I have always lived paycheck-to-paycheck and still do, I am finally taking care of my debts, instead of dragging them around as I have for years. Its a struggle, as years of spending every last penny are a tough habit to break, but I like the idea of owing less and less to corporate greedy fucks who need another yacht. I also have an investment fund for the first time ever, even through no fault/decision of my own. I just didn't want the pension fund to remain controlled by an ex-employer. So now I have some money in an ethical investment fund, locked in for the next 35 years, so its a write-off really.

Its also been a good year for my artistic pursuits, as I have had several tracks released through compilations, but my debut album was also released. While the amount of new material is severely limited (mostly due to my head space being a bloody mess... and being a terminal procrastinator), I can still fell a certain pride at having accomplished this much. Writing has gone downhill however, as my be witnessed by the sheer lack of posting on this (and other) blog. But that's another habit I want to break.

Health wise, I'm doing much better also, give or take a few accidents here or there. I have lost weight, feel stronger and more upbeat and looking to improve. Tried my hand at boxing but had to stop due to schedule conflicts. Spent Christmas at the hospital due to a preventable work accident, but it gave me a few days off. Word of caution: watch your hands and use the right tools for the right job. Seriously. Spending the holidays being unable to drink is a tough one.

So you could say that the future is looking bright as I move on to a new year. How was yours?

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