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Thursday, May 7, 2009

playlist for burning mondays may 4th 2009

spiritual front - slave
gravemist - i drove all night
gogol bordello - start wearing purple
tom waits - table top joe
ait! - i ballo des solo
coil - the tattoed man
legendary pink dots - rainbows too
rome - wir gotter der stadt
bauhaus - spy in the cab
the cure - love song
joy division - she lost control
nich cave and the bad seeds - jack the ripper
angels of light - my true body
pimentola/dead man's hill - Sairaus Ryömii Silmistäsi Sisään III
the moon lay hidden beneath a cloud - lay on your arms reversed 12
sturmast - solum ipsum
sangre cavallum - barbara carmina a.c.
division s - red wine
der blutharsch - when did wonderland end 3
kill sister kill - blessings
tones on tail - burning skies
trisomie 21 - il se noie
cindergarden - transformed
portishead - we carry on
commando suzie - des cambello
skinny puppy - far too frail
death in june - this is paradise
current 93 - the fall of christopher robin
strawb - the hangman and the papist
neon judgement - awful day

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