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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Playlist for Burning Monday 10-19-2009

current93 - dogun
dissecting table - i get my slogan
a;grmph - another brick in the wall part 2
berurier noir - frere d'armes
der blutharsh - untitled #4
legendary pink dots - casting the runes
diamanda galas - iron lady
anne clark - crane hill
coil - hellraiser theme
einsturzende enubauten - armenia
skinny puppy - riverz end
dive - dead city
numb - revenant
insurgent - citadel
ait! - lo ballo da solo
nine inch nails - a warm place
tom waits - black market baby
tiger lilies - maria
nick cave and the bad seeds - loverman
sisters of mercy - marian
neon judgement - chinese black
the cure - one hundrer years
corpus delicti - noxious (the demon's game)
bauhaus - stygmata martyr
siouxie and the banshees - christine
christian death - romeo's distress
rome - wir gotter der stadt
alien sex fiend - hurricane fighter plane
the stooges - i wanna be your dog
the cramps - mad daddy
gogol bordello - start wearing purple
nick cave and the bad seeds - papa wont leave you henry
christian death - this is heresy (edit)
bauhaus - muscle in plastic
southern death cult - fat man
iggy pop - the passenger
angels of light - all souls' rising
sonic youth - the ineffable me
portishead - we carry on
november novelet - street of many murder
clan of ximox - stranger
the cure - doubt
gravemist - wait all night
johnny cash - personal jesus
mick harvey - louise
joy division - dead souls
sol invictus - killing tide
current93 - a song for douglas (after he's dead)
death in june - but what ends when the symbols shatter
coil - neither his nor hers
tiger lilies - beat me
fad gadget - insecticide
tear garden - circles in the sand
legendary pink dots - black zone
black tape for a blue girl - accross a thoulsand blades
sophia - pride
michael gira - michael's white hands
nico - my favourite valentine

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