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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

playlist for Burning Mondays 10-26-09

death in june - what happens when the symbols shatter?
sol invictus - sheath and knife
mick harvey - louise
michael gira - blind
tom waits - black wings
ordo rosarius equilibrio - let the words of my murder
legendary pink dots - rainbows too
the cure - fascination street
bauhaus - man witrh x-ray eyes (live)
coil - paranoid inlay*
death in june - the november men
portishead - over
sonic youth - hoarfrost
theater of hate - original sin
southern death cult - fat man
x-mal deutchland - qual*
creaming jesus - a forest
dethklock - the lost vikking
dive - dead or alive (live)
einsturzende neubauten - headcleaner
pj harvey - yuri g
killing joke - unspeakable
joy division - isolation
jarboe - the believers
swans - celebrity lifestyle
nick cave and the bad seeds - jack the ripper
iggy pop - the passenger
the cramps - the mad daddy
berurier noir - vive le feu
depeche mode - i feel you
corpus delicti - broken
faith and the muse - the silver circle
sisters of mercy - body electric
rasputina - saline the saltine queen
sol invictus - the devil's steed
vast - touched
ait! - lo ballo de solo
christian death - the cervix couch (remix)
fad gadget - ladyshave
gitane demone - incendiary lover
numb - revenant
diamanda galas - 25 minutes to go
tiger lilies - beat me
tear garden - phoenix
angels of light - mt true body
der blutharsh - untitled

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