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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The little train that could

Man it feels good to get back into the saddle!

The writing has been coming easier and, as a matter of fact, I've now been looking foward to writing. While before I would about how I should start wrtiting, now I'm thinking about what I should be writing. It seems a minor difference, but its a major shift in perception when you think about it.

At this time, I'm not thinking too much aboutstyle, of coherence. I just want to put down as many words as I can muster and see where that takes me. I just want a rough draft done. Because I dont have anything like a publishing deadline, I can afford to write as much as I want, and not all that I write has to be totally related. I can afford to go on tangents and its not really affecting me. I think of it more as exercise than work, so it makes the going easier. Its kinda like going to the gym: the first few times, its hard, but once you get the kinks out, the goings is much easier, and more importantly, it becomes enjoyable.

I can really feel the creative juices going. It may be that I have a couple of writers who bounce ideas off of me, so that the creative process gets jump-started. Since I believe it to be the case, let me give credit where credit is due, so thanks Kate and Lilly for making me think about getting the job done. It may be that both of you are constant writers, or that you have finished stories, while I'm still struggling to get something completed (well, I have older finished stories... but they're in desperate need of a rewrite), but all in all, I certainly credit you both for my current state. I raise my glass to thee!

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