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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I thought I was lazy...

I've been whipping myself stupid lately for not having writen more in the last few years. Truth be told, I did write, just not short stories or novela. Fiction yet, but as roleplaying material. I can also claim to have worked on some recipes and such, so I dont really hate my laziness anymore.

It occured to me this afternoon that I should be using the effort I put into my adventure writing towards my fiction; after all, a lot of those were never played out (for lack of good players) and such, totally free from potential copyright issues. I have lots of that material, I should just plunder it. I need no longer plead that the players suck, and that is why I dont use the more intricate and interesting stories. I now have the complete liberty to make these stories happen, with the best characters ever, since I get full creative control of the story. Of course, what I'll be lacking is actually seeing the reaction of my readers as they discover the plots and twists and implications, but theres a better chance I'll make some money of of it :P

My recent decision to split up the world into separate continents is yeilding more interesting ideas still. It will help define my style as a writer and my vision of fantasy. Its pretty damn thrilling!

Now, I all I have to do is actually sit down and type all that stuff up.

Damn laziness.

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