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Saturday, November 19, 2005

A funny thing happened to me on the way over...

Attending the Bauhaus show and following activities was one of the best thing thats happened to me this year., but this is not the space to ramble on about that, thats why I have a second private forum.

But the great thing is that my cooking show is beguinning to take some form of shape. Many years ago, the inspiration for the show came from a collegue who knew a single recipe (shepperd's pie) and was constantly amazed by what I whipped up as my work lunch. I had at the time, offered to put together a basic "cookbook for dummies"... but quickly figured out that many more were also interested. It came from the idea that most people saw cooking interesting dishes as complicated and long, so they prefered to buy frozen meals, that quite franckly, they practically appologised for. Now I'm not the best cook in the world, but when I have the time, I can get pretty creative with the food I got.

From there the idea of a cooking show where I'd be teaching the basic cooking skills to that said collegue was born. In the meantime I changed worksite and lost site of him, but the idea stayed on. It evolved into the current idea of the show; last week, a fresh tranfer brought over the inspiration and the man is working on the same site as me. Now this guy already has insides in the local cable station (coincidentally, its being produced by the same company we work for...) so when I pitched it to him he got very enthousiastic about, loved the idea and wants me to come up with a project proposal as soon as possible. But I've never proposed a TV show before, so I need him to tell me the basic requirements for the proposal. In the meantime, I have to start working on the basic techniques and recipes needed for the show. I have to near-master them, so that they cant fail when I show them on TV. That would be bad form :P

On top of that, I have the feeling that I definately shoud be writing a hell of a lot more than I do... cause I barely write and it galls me to no end.

Crack the whip!!!


  1. Bauhaus?
    I gave them a try and they were not at all what I expected. Some of my Brighter Death Now friends liked them, but I don't see the link.