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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ack ack ack!!! Take us to your leader. Ack ack!

Damn its a busy two weeks!
With the cash that came in I managed to get lots of old wishes done, not the least of which is the new music equipment I already raved about. I also got the new tv (like I didnt have enough distractions already!) and the new stove, which totally rocks, I can do so much more now. Of course, getting the energy to do things is another matter entirely! but now its there and it works, so, one less excuse.
Getting inked on saturday, thats another project I didnt think would happen soon, so that cool. I'm having a test in the morning to work as a production tech for the local cable station. Even if I pass, I probably wont get the job, since they need someone with a driver's license. And I can drive. I just never needed to. I'm actually quite confortable being a passenger anyways. We'll see.
Now, maybe I'll get the drive to work on some writing, or maybe even one of my film projects... heck, I'd settle for a comic book at this point... anything. Just gotta kick my butt into working on stuff.

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