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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Slack-jawed and hairy-knuckled

I've been fairly lazy all around lately, not the least being the postings. But things seem to be progressing, slowly, but progressing anyways. I've been taking care of household stuff, the kind that have been just waiting in the aisles for me to get off my ass and get done. With each paycheck a little bit more gets done and over with. So while its not really creative wirk, its tangible enough that I can take a look around the house and see things changing, so its a positive step at least.

My lack of discipline lately (er, I mean all my life really) has forced me to question certain behaviours I've had the ill luck of adopting. My mind has been looking for constant distraction, while it should have been exercising; I've been sitting on the couch, just zapping, looking for something to get my mind off of my life, a very bad thing. I've also been hanging about the computer too much, and for the wrong reasons, not really being active, just doing stuff, to keep me occupied.

But thats all over. The first step today was to resist the urge to just turn on the TV... its amazing how it can encroach on the will, this idiot box of mine. It doesnt help that I have all these channels too... if it bugs me too much, I'll just unplug the damn box. I'm gonna sit on the couch to read or watch a movie. Gods know I have plenty, plus several memberships to videoclubs I havent been using, simply because theres plenty playing on the tube... also, I'll get my ass out of bed when the clock beeps me awake. That way, I'll be able to get back into the the habit of having breakfast and morning workout. I might even make it to the gym... it could happen.

The changes are positive too, since I've been working on some songs, trying to get together a repertoire, so that by the time we get more people, we'll have something to show for the last three years... and I've been writing bits and pieces. I still aim to participate in the writing contest, and theres this mag thats looking for writers... worse things could happen!

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