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Sunday, April 2, 2006

The Hollywood robbery

I havent been in a theater in a long time; in fact it'll have been a year at the end of april. Last time I did, I went to see Sin City. I dont remember how much it cost then, but it was some chunk, the cineplex was the dirtiest I even set (and stuck) my foot in and was filled with idiots. But I loved the movie, so I was okay with it. And I was in Toronto, with some time to kill on my hands, and for gods' sakes, it was Sin City.

Now, a full year later, I got cereal box tickets, a nifty little promotion that gets underway now and again, especially in the spring. Probably to boost theater attendance, which is falling steadily; its surely to boost cereal sales. Now, without this, I would be loath to spend my hard-earned cash at the movies, simply because what's offered generally sucks, its not really worth watching on a giant screen with a bunch of moronic strangers and over the years, I've gotten used to watching them over my Tv screen, especially now that I got a new, fully-functionnal one. Ihave'nt even really rented a movie in a long while. Thats because I sometimes borrow, I sometimes buy, and I sometimes obtain then in less than legal manners. Plus, I got freaking cable, so I get loads of movies at my fingertips.

Now, I was looking at cashing in these promo tickets, so first I had to figure out which theater I could go to; then its matter to what's available. Always good to check beforehand, cause the passes arent always allowed... anyways, just for a lark, I looked up the prices for movie tickets... and I remembered another reason I dont go anymore. Its too bloody expensive. And they dont even seem to have matinees anymore. 12$ to get stuck in a dark room, vaguely cleaned, eating overpriced fastfood and watching poorly made Hollywood prick-waving... no thanks! The movie theater magic faded for me a long time ago. Sure, I'll cash in those free tickets (I'd be stupid not to!) but I wont buy any of their junk, and I'm not buying any tickets.

Holliwood, suck my salty chocolate balls.

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