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Sunday, July 2, 2006

Its the little things

I've been very tired lately, for no apparent reason. I might just be malnourished, or dehydrated, I dont know, I'm no doctor. The point is, I've been so tired that I havent got anything done. Loads of little projects lying about just accumulating, and them not getting done has been combining with my tiredness for a rather unhealthy mix of fine procrastination.

So, today being an unusual sunday, as I have it all to myself, I decoded to put it to good use. I started late of course, but I started anyways. There were shelves I needed done and I got to work. As I started the staining process, I realised that I simply didnt have nearly enough stain to get the job done. A trip at the local hardware store (packed with new tenants coming in for bits and pieces) and I find out that I cant mix stains, once I start on one brand I should finish with it. And of course, they dont have it. I truck my ass to the local Canadian Tire, to find out that they dont have it either. I dont have a choice bt to go all the way to Home Depot. Not a joyful prospect, because its a bloody hot and damn blustery day. Joy.

My trip to Home Depot was quite fruitful though, as not only did I get the said stain, but also pretty much all that I've been needing to get several projects on the go. I did not get a sander, that would have been a little beyong the scope of my current needs (and budget) but I certainly took stock of several home shop apparatus that will be going on my wishlist. The one low point was finding out that the bookcases I bought dont have shelves by the unit of the right size; I'll have to cut one down to size, which is a pain, but I dont have any other choice.

Anyhoo, all that to say that I got much needed supplies, including some that I thought I'd be waiting till next weekend for ( I got lucky with all the people moving an scored some chairs that just require some new upholstery!) so I'll just need some material and might complete yet more things over the course of next weekend!

Oh, and to help me out with my tiredness (which I attribute to a vitamin imbalance) I cooked me some nice liver steak. And it was perfect, with a nice green salad. I'm glad these days that I broke up with my ex, since with her around I'd probably be fatter and would not get anything done.

Now, if I could just get writing...

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