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Monday, June 19, 2006

Please press *aaaargh* for customer service

It will seem bizzare to some, but its mind-blowing to me how little attention people in customer services to what customers ask them. And I should know, thats my job.
Simple question: what do I have to do to pay my computer in one payment instead of going through the financing plan? Do I have to process a brand-new order, is it on the phone? Simple enough to me.
I had to repeat and reformulate that simple request 5 or 6 times before the guy understood what I was talking about. He kept on trying to get me to go through financing and then call them up for alternate arrangement. Now I have a particular issue with a company that wont give me options for financing up front, will make automated withdrawals in my account and will charge me 21.99% interest for the convenience.
He was asking me to give them my financial information, even if I wasnt going to go throught the loan. Am I the only one that sees a potential for massive screw-ups here?
And dont tell me that Dell is a large company that dont screw its customers with unrequired withdrawals. Ask Bell customers how they feel about them. I'm sure you'll get a better picture of the issue than I could paint, and far more vivid too.

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