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Monday, July 17, 2006

Those extra couple of inches

There are many shows and books about crafts and renos that remind you just how important it is to take accurate measurements... to measure twice and three times to make sure... well, thats all well and fine, but they should stress on the importance on decent mathematical skills... cause measuring is well, but proper division makes the very important few inches matter.

Case in point; upholstering my new chairs, I measured the fabric, yet when I started to fix it on, it was a tad short, so measuring matters. Case two: I was building my raising boxes for my bookshelves, a neglected project. Measure, cut, glue/nail/screw (yes, all three) yet as I look at the assembled pieces, I realised that the central support is off by a few inches, inches that matter then they support a couple of booksheves!

All that aside, this has been a most productive three day weekend: shopped, assembles and upholstered. Even did most of the dishes, even tho its been really fucking hot. My ideas are really shaping up for the appartment and the furniture, so things are progressing there. Played some more music and the songs are getting tighter, we're getting more serious about it, so thats a good thing. If i could just clean up the studio, it might unclutter my brains enough to get me writing again (its just there, on the brink of typing, yet, not quite.) So overall, a good weekend!

Now if my social life would also pick up a tiny little bit...

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