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Sunday, October 22, 2006

...And the horse you rode in on.

Okay, been a while, just could'nt get myself to write (thought I've been reading... Not the same, but its a related activity, so there) and its been nearly a month and a half since I rambled on here.

Not like I have lots of readers anyways. Sigh.

So first thing, in the span of a month or so, I've been involved in two traffic accidents, that is, I got an accident because I had to deal with traffic. The first one I crashed trying to get on the sidewalk at a bad angle and doing a skidding dive; luckily, it was raining, so I didn't get hurt too much by the landing, just a pulled tendon. The second time, last week, I was just starting up when I crashed into a car. The ass before me just stopped in the middle of the bike path and I smacked my front wheel into him. I just took off at that point. I nearly had a few other incidents on that run (people in cars become extremely selfish, the isolation probably cuts off oxygen flow to the brains, cause it also makes them stupid, a bad combo) but I get away with a bent front wheel, only 12$ in repairs. The repair guy said that next time, they'll have to replace the wheel itself. Hopefully, that'll be next spring.

Alright that enough with the traffic rant, on to other thing.


  1. you have at least one loyal reader.

  2. Like I said, a few :P I count you as more than one my dear.