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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is halloween...

And I'm sitting at home, drinking screwdrivers. Okay, they are orange-flavoured vodkas by now, but who cares? Meanwhile, my girlfriend is out dancing in Toronto. In a club. and not for work.

Damn, you people are perverted.

For once in the year, its perfectly acceptable (mostly) to dress up in something different. Its the one time of the year (except for the rest of the Christian world, that also does Mardi Gras) where you're encouraged to ge somebody outrageous. At this time, a lot of people decide to get marginal and dress up as punks, or goths, or something else of striking visual appearance. People, who for the rest of the year, will call us freaks (when they are polite) will now dress up in what they conceive to be parody of us. But they only turn out to be a parody of themselves.

For these people, Halloween is only one day of the year.

For me (and others of like mind) every day is Halloween.

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