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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The future is a cupcake

Today, against all odds, I will make something I never really thought I would make, although I thought that it was a good idea from the beginning: I'll give cupcakes a shot.

I'm a bit of a latecomer in that field, and I must say that no one inspired me to do it besides portioning. I'm not riding a fad, or emulating a TV show i never watched. I love desserts and making them individual servings just seems like common sense. Of course, just because I'm reducing the portions doesn't mean that they wont be decadent; I am after all making moist chocolate little gut bombs.

If there is one thing that bugs me about the process however, is trying to find a proper recipe for my first attempt. I have a tendency to over bake my doughs, and not all recipes give you such helpful hints as "moist" in the description. Even more annoying, most recipes I have found so far on the internet has used store-bought cake mixes for the cakes, with just a few extra items for personal touches. That goes against nearly everything I believe about food, being addicted to making as much as possible from scratch. Its not really all that much more effort, but it does require extra ingredients that I realize not everyone stocks.

But I do.

I'm that kinda guy. I buy tools before I need them, because they are cool little toys, or that I plan to use them at a later date... someday. I buy ingredients because my imagination got fired up when I saw them, sometimes because I read about them in a recipe I wanted to try at the time and completely forgot by the time I get home. My cupboard is a testament to that, a near cemetery for forgotten spices and odd preparations, the packages still virgins. But maybe, one day, I'll stumble upon a recipe that will require that little oddball, and then I'll be ready.

But in the meantime, it'll be moist chocolate cupcakes.

I hope.

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