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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The end is not death

I've been pretty bad at keeping things up to date lately. I can easily blame it on several factors, like the return to work, which causes me to have less free time; increasing pressure from the "in-laws" who are nuts; having to put together new tracks to publish (done!) and other projects being on the go too.

I now stand at a crossroad, or soon will be. I have to decide fairly soon when I'm going to quit my job. Some would say that I'm crazy to quit, that I have good benefits, a decent salary, and besides, the job is not all that demanding. But truth is, I've been at it too long. It doesn't give me any satisfaction, I don't even enjoy spending the paycheck anymore. I've become humorless, crabby and demoralized, and the depression doesn't help. Now, I'm standing at a point where I can decide to stay on and get sick again, or I can just leave it and move on.

In a lot of ways, its a lot like a relationship; when you've been together for so long, once you've got that comfort zone going and know what to expect, its hard to let it go when you realize that you're no longer happy. Its a big scary world out there and no one wants to face it alone.

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