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Friday, February 29, 2008

Drunken Monsters

They are ugly people
They are crooked and fat
and craggy and old
They are monsters

They're full of anger
Full of piss and vinegar
From the booze they constantly consume
But never swill

The liquid is sacred
The escape our world
the pain, the sadness, the poverty
Our empty, hollow souls

Their anger boils like acid
Burning holes in their guts
The booze makes them mad
So crazy they're lucid
Aware beyond their means
Above and beyond our eyes

They're drunk beyond their liver
So the body improvises
The booze comes out of their pores
And dribble down the pen
And they write the monsters
Filling the white with black madness
And the words come out
And stain the pages
The drunken monsters write
So that they can drink some more

We read their words
Their exclamations in ink
Do we understand the monsters?
The super awareness of words
of a life we cant see

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