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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playlist August 24th at Katacombes

sonic youth - halloween
swans - the golden boy that was swallowed by the sea
sol invictus - the north ship
ordo equilibrio - tango for the assassin
tiger lillies - beat me
novy svet - traicon
portishead - plastic
bauhaud - man with x-ray eyes (live)
legendary pink dots - hellsville
nick cave and the bad seeds - papa wont leave you henri
einsturzende neubauten - haus des luge
christian death - the angel (assassin remix)
pimentola - psychopompos
skinny puppy - candle
*seraphim shock - after dark
*primordial - gallow's hymn
rasputina - saline the saltine queen
sol invictus - an english garden
nico - roses in the snow
coil - tattoed man
spiritual front - slave
commando suzie - disciplina
fad gadget - collapsing new people
alien sex fiend - hurricane fighter plane
ladytron - soft power

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