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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Burning Mondays playlist November 17 2009

current 93 - hitler as kalkhi
nacht - svartsinn
death in june - break the black ice
der blutharsch - untitled
division s - dancing with the silence
pimentola - wish upon a fallen star
sol invictus - old london weeps
strenght through joy - dominion behind the sun
runes order - the last farewell
swans - love will save you
pj harvey - to bring you my love
sonic youth - halloween
portishead - seven months
fad gadget - life on the line
depeche mode - i feel you
clan of ximox - a day
the cure - primary
bauhaus - rosegarden funeral of sores (live)
southern death cult - fatman
bauhaus - dark entries
nick cave and the bad seed - papa wont leave you henry

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