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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

playlist for Burning Mondays 09 Nov. 09

death in june - smashed to bits in the peace of the night
joy division - decade
the moon lay hidden beneath the clouds - untitled
arcana - under the sun
ordo rosarius equilibrio - hear the sound of the black flame rising
sangre cavallum - sete punhaladas
sturmast - kraft
boyd rice and friends - watery leviathan
sol invictus - an english garden
rome - die nelke
spiritual front - slave
tom waits - startving in the body of a whale
tiger lilies - darkness
der blutharsch - untitled
swans - love of life
siouxie and the banshees - kiss them for me
sisters of mercy - heartland
faith and the muse - scars flown proud
nick cave and the bad seeds - jack the ripper
christian death - venus in furs
anne clark - sleeper in metropolis
november novelet - glass
portishead - threads
sanctum - nar?
pimentola - psychopompos
skinny puppy - rodent
gravemist - spider venom
gravemist - the devil's lair
legendary pink dots - rainbows too

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