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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

yeah, like I said...

Well, I didnt write a travelogue after all. Maybe it was the whole vacation thing. I didnt write a single word at all. While there were some intersting events that happened, I just couldnt commit them to paper. I didnt take any pictures either. But thats me alright.

I got more ideas for movies though, so it wasnt a bad thing. I also have reference material and I made some contacts with other indipendant filmmakers, some of them local. I pretty much got my target opening, which would be SPASM in Montreal. I'm still way far from even shooting, even with all the material I have, since I have no script, no budget and no actors. Thats what happens when you dont talk to people. Sigh. I'll just have to change that. I'm glad for some of the folks I met. Many are very enthousiatic about their craft and there was a special effects shop that does corpse props that where really cool. I'm looking foward to doing business with them. I really enjoyed chatting with the really underground filmmakers who where there to try and puch their movies. Those were the movies I ended up buying. I'm sure that they go the most bang for the bucks movies there are. If not, well, they were cheap, so no great loss, yes?

Other creators present were there to show off their paper od web comics. Not all of them were interesting (not by a longshot; too many anime artists out there) some were VERY interesting; Taeden Hall is probably my favorite of all; I'm looking foward to her comic... in the meantime, I'll just have to buy her prints and t-shirts. Ghastly was also funky, if only for the mile-a-minute patter he drops of you... plus the old 50's dad look and, of course, Drunken Bitter Jesus. It'll figure proheminently on my desk at work.

I should also mention some really cool t-shirts out there, from Taeden Hall, Play Dead and others, like that street artist from whom I keep buying stuff... he does sort of nightmarish cities in black ink thats pretty intense. The only problem I have with his creation is that I couldnt buy just one, they very much have a series feel to them. He could do very well if he were to make a comic with his art, but his aesthetics have a very movie-feel to them, so animation would be even more awsome. If I even get a loft appartment, I'm hiring him to make me a mural. It'll be real cool. Now if he could get himself some business cards...

Other favorites that were there include the hentai of Sirkowski and a new guy I discovered, Andrew Barr, who does horror-rockabilly style stuff. Its pretty cool really.

God I gotta to start to write more...

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