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Thursday, September 1, 2005

What the hell am I doing?!?

I wonder what is the consensus on goig to see that dentist for fairly major work on very little sleep. I'm fairly certain that its not recommended, but what do I care anyways? I'm still gonna try to get some words down on paper. Its gonna keep me away from looking up the chords for that Rolling Stones song I'm contemplating covering...

Once I told myself that I'd never, ever do covers. I wonder if that means that I'm getting old. Then again, once upon a time, I was a huge Star Trek fan... and now I cant stand it. I also swore that I'd never wear ties. I now have a collection and I still look them up, in case they have a cool one. They dont, but I look anyways. What frightens me is that it may lead to me wearing colors. Now THAT is scary... nah, it wont happen.

Not in a million year. Black is the writer's uniform. And I'm a writer dammit!

I wonder just how much anaestetics theire gonna pump into me. I really dont feel like being coscious for a few hours while they poke around my mouth. Not that it frighten me. Its the boredom that might set it. Damn, hopefully thats not gonna be a problem when I get the tattoo done!

Oh well, too late now. I got the chords. Fairly simple really. Just need to adapt them to what sound we want. Sigh. I cant believe I'm doing this.

Well, time to commit words to paper, no matter how lame and non-sensical they may be. Writing used to come so easily before... I must be getting old...


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