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Monday, September 12, 2005

Its a start

After wracking my head trying to rework one of my stories, it struck me that it might make more sense to just write a brand new one. Its easier, cause the characters and the setting are already established, this being what could be called a "prequel" to one of my finished short stories. I think that it may turn out that I'll be writing a lot of short stories, possibly with an overall backstory to it all, but maybe not... sorta what Robert E Howard did for Conan... probably few people realise that there was only one full novel, the rest being collections of short stories. Same thing with a contemporary of his, Fritz Liebert. Also with Lovecraft... but that would make sense really, once one realises that they were all friends, who shared a substantial correspondence.

Anyhow, I just feel good about finally getting around to writing again. I'm gonna try to let go of some of my hang-ups about the research and background and stuff... most of the geography is wide opened anyways, so might as well go all out!

Man, am I glad I never grew up! Kids, never listen to your parents. Just do what you feel in your guts is right. And here ends the preaching speach. Rock on!!!

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