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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Man, thats a lot

I've just made a short list of the story ideas I have for a particular universe of heroic fantasy fiction and I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possible stories... and thats just what I can come up with now, top of my head. Good thing that a good chunk of them are gonna be short stories and novellas, but its still a lot. And an ambitious lot at that. Especially since all the stories are somehow interelated. Some cover fairly long spans of time. And thats not including the time that will be spent making up the geography to keep it all coherent.

That doesnt even beguin to cover the movie scripts, horror stories, the tv show and recipe book I want to make... and doesnt cover the music either... I seem to be streching myself, but others have done it in the past ands present (Takeshi Kitano comes to mind easily). I just feel like I've wasted a lot of creative time. I just hope that I can keep sane through it all. Hey, if these manage to get me out of a regular desk job (or any other "odd jobs") I'll feel like I accomplished something.

I hope that I wont go too insane till then. But even that could be good.


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  2. i can't wait to see some of these ideas materialised... just start writing them down and don't stop. ever.