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Thursday, September 22, 2005

more, more, more!

That is, I gotta do more.

I finally managed to get some words down on paper. Not what I had planned, but I cant let the ideas run dry, not now. Its actually brand new characters, much darker, more antiheros in a way, but bright, shining lights in an uncaring world of greed and selfishness and darkness. Its giving me ideas about the collection.

I dont really think that its gonna revolutionize the whole heroic fantasy genre; all I really want is make my mark and get some people to read and enjoy my stories. Its gotta be better than 90% of whats out there, being put out by professionals. While there are a few bright lights, a lot of it is pure crap, poorly thought out and pretty anachronistic. I generally find that outside a few big names (David Eddings, Steven R. Donaldson and Mary Weiss/Tracy Hickman, top of my head), the most interesting ones are possibly the most obscure and unpretentious. Over the years I got my hands on some quite interesting pieces of writing that stood outside the norm and, for example, had no difficulty mixing graphic sex into their stories. After all, why not? Nobody seems to have much of a problem with very graphic and gory descriptions of killing and maiming, even for young readers. Read Eddings for the more adult stuff, and Brian Jacques (of redwall fame) for the younger readers.

That being said, I need to keep putting pencil to page and just write. Lots of stories are yet to be told and some have been waiting a long time to come out.

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