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Friday, January 20, 2006

And now you know

I am listed on several groups and mailing lists and all, and most of them are childish dribble and hissy fits; not so much a sharing of information as a vain call to self-inflated egos and needy attention.
But today, one of my newer list, which I usually just skim through had this amazing posting, a veritable call to rebellion, by telling the truth about our education system. It blew my mind away like little in the recent years (and I'm a fairly voracious reader) has. You can find it here
If it doesnt shock you, then youre dead inside. Right now, I'm on fire and I feel like burning something. Maybe some "institution of higher learning".
I knew that something was wrong; now I know what, and most importantly, how.

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  1. if you want a real laugh, try this theory out on someone who has done well for themselves within the system. nothing makes someone angrier than explaining to them in detail why they are not a leader but just an exceptionally apt drone.