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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Relief work

I'm not usually one to just jump on band wagons, but every once in a while, I join in an effort, if only in a small way ( I am after all, a small man, yet one who understands that, like grains of sand in the cogs, get enough of them and the whole thing grind to a halt)

So this particular effort is to help out fellow bloggers out in Pakistan. I'd send them money too, but I've always been loath to just hand out cash (too likely that'd it'll be misused), prefering to offer tangible help (why give someone a quarter to make a call, when they could use your calling card? why give them a buck for them to buy food, when you can just buy them food? That way I weed out the junkies that leech society... yeah, I'm small and judgemental. But I've never bothered otherpeople about my addictions, nor have I ever asked for a handout, whatever)

So, disgressions aside, I'd like to help them in my own small way by adding this little picture to the blog. Its not much, and they wont see it for awhile, but its my contribution anyways. Its the nature of the beast that not everything that is said makes sense to us, or is appreciated, but the word should always be free. As long as the speaker accepts that there are consequences to one's action, wether spoken or acted upon.

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