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Monday, June 12, 2006

Home sweet HomeDepot

I finally got to shop at a megamart of renovation on sunday. And man, did I megashop. Bookcases, lumber and thingies to put it all together. I felt smart and confident. And I have to go back to get some more too. In a bit. After I've used what I already procured.
Getting the books off the floor was a nice thing; I have one less excuse to not clean. If only the studio was so easily fixed!
How come is it that the more choice youre given, the less likely that you'll find the things you're looking for?
At least they'll get some of the work done for you at a very reasonable price.
I really cant think of what else to say.
I'm brain-tired.
Might be the dust or something.
But at least I got nice shelves and I'll have this nice big surface to display the various trinkets I'm bout to acquire.

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