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Friday, June 16, 2006

Pink Dots, and nothing but

I've been living in Montreal for ten years now and its my home. I've been to a few other large cities and I havent seen yet anything that comes close. Every year, theres a genre movie festival that pitches its tent for three weeks and theres bound to be a few movies that really cant be missed. And every year, The Legendary Pink Dots play a show.
They used to play in the fall back then, but as long as its not the midsummer steambath, its fine. So every year I keep telling myself I have to go seem them. And I keep on missing them, for more or less valid reasons. But not this year. Yjis year was different. This year I got to see The Legendary Pink Dots live, before they got to be a legend of the past, like say, Coil. Or Skinny Puppy. Well, you get the point.
I had expected a quiet show, as the early news this week was that they were sick, so, bereft of energy. I was pleasantly surprised that they were not that tame, even when they're down with the flu.
We got a damn good performance, with a respectable crowd (I'd say between 70 to 80 people, tho I might be conservative) who was a little tame, not wiggling much. I have no such inhibitions. So on with the show. A good mixture of tracks, with no apparent self-importance, just some people who've been around for a while, who know their stuff and their crowd, and how to please them. Particularly enthousiastic with Hellsville and Greengang (the last time I got so enthoisatic with live versions, its was Nick Cave with papa Wont Leave You Henry and Stagger Lee, and Angels of LIght with Goddamn The Sun and Micheal's White Hands!) so, with my limited knowledge of the band, only tossing in Casting The Rune would have made it better. Oh well, maybe next time.
I'm quite happy with my evening, especially since I got to record (bootleg) pretty much the entire show (not the worse bootleg, but heavy on the bass... anyways, I got a bootleg of it and I'm still happy. And I picked up a couple of albums (that turn out the be best of's... oh well) and a live DVD. I would have prefered some nice pins, but I'm still satisfied.
Afterwards, I decided to pop into Saphir... got a couple of decent tracks before the EBM got underway and forced me to GTFO. So there.
Thats my evening and I'm sticking to it.

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